Friday, December 26, 2014

Improv Triangle Quilt

When I saw the quilt "Didn't Get the Memo" by Alissa Carlton, Los Angeles, CA (shown below) I knew I wanted to make one.

February Example
I thought it would be a great bee block so this February the Harmony Circle of do. Good. Stitches. took on this challenge and created some wonderful improv blocks. My directions were the following:

Background: True white
Triangles: Black/grey solids

Please make 2 12.5in blocks with 16 squares each, 4x4. Each square will be trimmed to 3.5in before being sewn together into a 4x4 block.

Make sure that the squares are made as shown below:
- Triangles facing the left
- Wonky triangle should only cover one corner, the other 3 corners being open, allowing for the "floating" look of the triangles

I pieced the top back in May, but it took me a while to actually find the time in the summer to quilt it, so hence the delay in posting the finished product. :)

Harmony #dogoodstitches February top done. I think I'm going to do wavy line quilting on this one. Any other suggestions? #mplsmqg

Here is the finished quilt. I bound it in a multi color stripe to add some pizzazz and color to it.

February 2014 Harmony. Do. Good. Stitches Quilt Front

I also wanted to add a pop of color to the back so I did some solid piecing with scraps down the middle.

February 2014 Harmony. Do. Good. Stitches Quilt Back

We had a bit of trouble with the wind while we were trying to take pictures. Here are some of the outtakes.


Overall, great block and great quilt for a bee. Thanks to Alissa Carlton for the inspiration and to my Harmony Circle mates for great execution!


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