Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summer of Bee Blocks

Summer is always a time of social activities and enjoying the beautiful Minnesota weather after a long winter. Because of this, I usually have a long lull in my quilting. This summer I basically just completed my bee blocks, along with some other projects that I will highlight in different posts. Here is my recap...it's a long one. :)

May BeeJeebers
#BeeJeebers May 2014 Block complete!

May Harmony Circle Do. Good. Stitches.
Harmony May 2014 #dogoodstitches block 1 complete!

Harmony May 2014 #dogoodstitches block 2 complete!

June BeeJeebers
Scrap Jar blocks for Lindsay! #dogoodstitches #harmonydogoodstitches

Second #dogoodstitches Scrap Jar block for Lindsay #dogoodstitches

June Harmony Circle Do. Good. Stitches - we took a break!!

July BeeJeebers
BeeJeebers blocks complete. I'm now officially caught up except for the #mplsmqgmysteryquiltalong blocks! #beejeebers

July Harmony Circle Do. Good. Stitches
July Harmony do good stitches blocks complete. I feel like I need a fourth one to make this a symmetrical picture but there's so much more I need to get done today! #dogoodstitches #harmonydogoodstitches

August BeeJeebers
BeeJeebers August Block complete. #beejeebers

August Harmony Circle Do. Good. Stitches
Need to take a picture! Will update soon!

Septemeber BeeJeebers
Second bee block done for the day! Scrappy cross roads block by bee in my bonnet. #beejeebers

September Harmony Circle Do. Good. Stitches
First set of bee blocks complete for #dogoodstitches #harmonydogoodstitches

Whew. Lots of beautiful bee blocks. I am so glad that I am in these as they force me to go back to the machine and remember how much I love quilting, even in the middle of a perfect summer day. I have several projects to post as well, so stay tuned!

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  1. Fantastic Bee blocks. I particularly like the August BeeJeebers block and the colours of the September one too. We had a beautiful summer here in Wales but the weather has changed this week so I hope to get more sewing done. Visiting via Building Blocks Tuesday

  2. Colby, wonderful blocks! So colorful, so delightful! Keep it up. And, thanks for linking up!

  3. I found your blog through a group I belong to on FB - there was a link to a square you had done. So for the past couple of days, I have been going through your blog :) Anyways, I was just wondering with all of these projects that you have on the go (and a lot of them month-to-month), how do you store them?


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