Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Orange and Teal

Orange and Teal have been the thing lately haven't they? I remember when this thing first started and I didn't have any "teal" so I HAD to buy some. Duh. I have one or two good teals, but I still could use a couple more to add some variety. Anyways, the whole point behind that is that for this month in my Mo Stash Bee we were asked to do two blocks of our choice in the Orange and Teal color scheme. Considering I only had two good teals I decided to do some simple ones to hopefully off set the lack of needed fabric...

The first one I did was off of the OKC MQG's site, tutorial here! Super cute and easy block, the tutorial is perfect. *High Five OKCMQG!!*

Mo Stash February 2013

The second one is similar to a pin I saw and I just did it myself, didn't follow a pattern or tutorial. Psssh who needs those. No for real, it was super easy. If you have any questions on how I made it let me know and I'll explain it for ya.

Mo Stash February 2013

I have several other blocks that I have made but I need to take pics and remake one! I'll share once I have them all put together and finished.



  1. Oh I've been that person, making blocks for a bee and having seriously limited fabric options! The sales are your friend, especially on websites that let you filter by colour...

  2. Hi!!! I really love both of your blocks!!! Very pretty!!


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