Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hand Quilting High

I am stuck in a hotel for close to a month so I have sworn to finally finish hand quilting my best friends wedding quilt. She got married almost a year ago and I have been in the process of hand quilting her quilt for about 18 months now. She has repeatedly given me a hard time about it and has even told me that she thinks I'm lying about if I have even made a quilt for her yet. This was in a joking manner so no worries...


I have realized that if I get in a groove is it very easy to get one or two blocks done quickly in a sewing session. The hardest part for me was getting my fingers used to the wear and tear of hand quilting again and now since they have toughened up it is much easier to quilt for longer periods of time.



I had forgotten how much I love hand sewing. I have always loved embroidery and hand quilting but it's one of those things you let time overshadow and forget to love unless you do it. I have 3.5 rows left to go and have promised her that I will have her quilt ready for her when she makes the 14 hour drive from Texas to Minnesota with me in mid March. I can do it!!!!





  1. Yay! People think I'm nuts for hand-quilting, but I am calmed by repetitive hand motions (so when I read, I kinda flip through the pages remaining, I fiddle with pens, yadda yadda) so hand-quilting works perfectly for me. :)

  2. Lovely stitches my dear. You will be so pleased when it's done.

  3. Neat stitches, Colby! Happy quilting to you!


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