Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hand Quilting High

I am stuck in a hotel for close to a month so I have sworn to finally finish hand quilting my best friends wedding quilt. She got married almost a year ago and I have been in the process of hand quilting her quilt for about 18 months now. She has repeatedly given me a hard time about it and has even told me that she thinks I'm lying about if I have even made a quilt for her yet. This was in a joking manner so no worries...


I have realized that if I get in a groove is it very easy to get one or two blocks done quickly in a sewing session. The hardest part for me was getting my fingers used to the wear and tear of hand quilting again and now since they have toughened up it is much easier to quilt for longer periods of time.



I had forgotten how much I love hand sewing. I have always loved embroidery and hand quilting but it's one of those things you let time overshadow and forget to love unless you do it. I have 3.5 rows left to go and have promised her that I will have her quilt ready for her when she makes the 14 hour drive from Texas to Minnesota with me in mid March. I can do it!!!!




Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes

Can you say OMG. Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cupcakes are awesome. I found this fabulous recipe at The Girl Who Eats Everything. The recipe is good, but a made a couple of changes. I made my own cupcake batter from scratch, and since I didn't have any condensed milk, made the cookie dough part on the fly. (Next time buy the condensed milk, it turned out fine but the consistency of my dough was slightly runny)


I also made these jumbo sized, as I realized half way through when I looked at the size of the baking cups I had purchased. These are VERY rich, so I would suggest doing regular size if not mini cupcakes if you try this recipe yourself.


Overall these were a fabulous hit with all my friends and my boss at work threatened me if I didn't bring him another one. If you want to bake your way to friendship, this is the cupcake to do it.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Orange and Teal

Orange and Teal have been the thing lately haven't they? I remember when this thing first started and I didn't have any "teal" so I HAD to buy some. Duh. I have one or two good teals, but I still could use a couple more to add some variety. Anyways, the whole point behind that is that for this month in my Mo Stash Bee we were asked to do two blocks of our choice in the Orange and Teal color scheme. Considering I only had two good teals I decided to do some simple ones to hopefully off set the lack of needed fabric...

The first one I did was off of the OKC MQG's site, tutorial here! Super cute and easy block, the tutorial is perfect. *High Five OKCMQG!!*

Mo Stash February 2013

The second one is similar to a pin I saw and I just did it myself, didn't follow a pattern or tutorial. Psssh who needs those. No for real, it was super easy. If you have any questions on how I made it let me know and I'll explain it for ya.

Mo Stash February 2013

I have several other blocks that I have made but I need to take pics and remake one! I'll share once I have them all put together and finished.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Iterative Identification

So I am going to QuiltCon this coming weekend and there are TONS of people that I know that are going. Literally so many people I don't even know if I will be able to keep up with who's who, especially since the way I "know" these people are through their blogs and their work. Not really so much by their faces!!

I had an old name tag that I made when I joined my first guild but it was made before I had a blog and before I had really defined my style:

Old Name Tag

I decided that in order for me to get my blog name out there and also to maybe have someone recognize me at QuiltCon that I needed to update my name tag and make a new one. I knew I wanted to incorporate a rainbow and my blog name so here is what I came up with:

New Name Tag

It's not perfect but it is definitely an improvement on the first iteration of identification!

So....If you see me say hi!!!!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beginning of Two

One of my best friends from college is getting married. Yay! She is also pregnant! Yay! And she is also having twins. For reals?! So that means I get to make two quilts for her daughters to be. I've been wanting to make a wonky pinwheel quilt for awhile now, but have not had a good reason to make one! Or two! Here are the fabrics I picked out. The colors are aqua and lime green.

I love the way the blocks are turning out but boy are they time consuming. People tell me that I am a very fast seamstress and each block is taking me a solid 1-1.5 hours. I might as well be paper piecing these babies! I have 3 done and the rest all laid out in fabric order so I'm going to try and knock the dirt top out this weekend.

As for the second top, I was going to do it the same but now after seeing how long this one is taking and thinking about wanting to have them have their own unique quilts I think I am going to go with a different design. I have a good chunk of HST's already cut but I do have some yardage I can play with too if I don't go too outside the box.

I will work on the design of the second one throughout the marathon it will take to complete the first set of blocks.... Oh the options!



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Doll Quilt Swap 13

I finished my Doll Quilt Swap mini this past weekend. I wanted to do something fun and whimsical and my partner liked bright and cheerful colors. I also challenged myself to not cut into any folded fabric, to work completely from my scrap bags, because probably like you, mine are always overflowing!

I started with a sketch of a rolling hill and a sun and then started pulling scraps. I sorted them light to dark and then just started sewing them all together randomly. Once I had a semi-large piece I moved onto the next color, repeated and then joined them together in order to create the basis of the landscape.

I did the same for the cloud and cut out a cloud shape from my improv patchwork piece. I added the yellow scraps as the rays of the sun and attached everything down with raw edge appliqué.
I decided to quilt it predominantly with the "rays" of the sun to emphasize the brightness and to give continuity to the abstactness of the improv piecing. I did some fun swirly quilting in the cloud, sun, and rays to add some texture and bring those pieces out as well.
Hopefully she likes it as much as I do. She hasn't commented on it so we will see... I should do improv piecing more often. Great use of scraps and its so liberating!!
I have lots more to show, I've been busy, so stay tuned!


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