Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sew Sew Modern Mini

I moved in January and traveled a lot in January and I was scared that I was going to have a time crunch on my Sew Sew Modern piece, but luckily I didn't. The partner that was selected for me, I had already had before in a previous swap so I knew her style, color preferences, and dislikes, so it was fairly easy to come up with the design of her mini!

What's crazy is that I had been partnered with her before and I also got partnered with someone I had already had as well in my Doll Quilt Swap. Crazy. I guess you know you've done lots of swaps when you get the same people again... Or maybe that's another way of saying I'm legit. Just kidding.

Anyways, I knew I wanted to do a mini for my partner and I wanted it to be fairly simple. After stalking her again I kept seeing this one block that intrigued me. It's called the Interlocking Seasons Quilt Block. It's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I mean would I make a king sized quilt out of them, probably not, just saying... for a mini it was totally doable.

Sew Sew Modern Middle Medallion

I put together the block and posted it on the group to see if I was going the right way and everyone loved it so I kept going.

Sew Sew Modern Mini Top

I then proceeded to put 1" square coordinating patchwork around the block to frame it. I could decide if I wanted to do another border of white around it so I posted that picture in the group to get some opinions.

Sew Sew Modern Possible White Border

My partner wasn't replying so I just stormed ahead and decided to bind it in white to give a happy medium, get the "white border" but also keeping the drama of the patchwork border.

Sew Sew Modern 2013 Mini Quilt

I think that was the right thing to do, hopefully she likes it. Ha, I went back and checked the comments after I had finished and she wanted the white border. Too late. Sorry. I did simple straight line quilting to accentuate the angles of the block and didn't quilt the center because I didn't was to take away from the design. I think it turned out well, I'm happy with it. :) It is off in the mail to Cali as I type. I hope ya'll are having a good week! Happy Sewing!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Exciting Is This??

So I couldn't help but post about this because you all will understand, no one else does!! So I'm in Minneapolis for a couple of days for business and on one of the blogs I follow I saw a mentioning of the Minneapolis' MQG meeting being this week. I thought to myself that it was too good to be true, but low and behold... their meeting is tonight!! And I'm here tonight!! And I'm TOTALLY going, and I am SOOOO excited. I currently live in Dallas, TX and might be moving to Minneapolis so this is a great opportunity to meet some of my maybe new friends!! Yay!

I'm going to brave the foreign bus system, it's a pretty straight shot from my hotel it looks like, about a 30 minute ride, no transfers or anything. I'm excited. I will make sure to take pictures and post about the experience.

In other news, I have started working on my Sew Sew Modern mini quilt for my partner. She has been very quiet but I have actually had her as a partner in the past so I think I have a good feeling of what she likes. Here is the bundle I pulled for her:

Sew Sew Modern Pull

I wanted to keep it simple, knowing her style but also wanted to try something I hadn't done before. I think this is a good compromise.

Sew Sew Modern Middle Medallion

I plan on doing a couple of rows of 1in finished square borders. I'm debating on whether or not to add some hand stitching or just keep it simple and straight line quilt it. Maybe inspiration will hit me over the head with something in the next week. Until then, have a wonderful cold weekend!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Target Quilt

So the day before I took vacation to go to my quilting retreat my coworkers were asking me what I was going to do while on vacation. They know I’m a quilter, but when I proceeded to tell them that I was going on a quilting retreat and that I was taking vacation to do this everyone died laughing. I’m sure you’ve all experienced some sort of this reaction. People just don’t get it, but whatever. I explained to them that it was 4 days of sewing and eating and drinking wine, but they still didn’t understand why I would want to do that.

I work for Target and they asked me, “Why don’t you make a Target quilt while you’re there?” I told them while that would be cool and all, I actually had a lot of stuff that I am working on that have deadlines and people waiting on them. I categorized this up on the top shelf of my brain to do whenever I had enough time.

On Saturday night I had run out of everything I had brought to do. I was trying to think of what I could do with the remaining fabric I had and saw some white and red Kona. Well guess what I made guys…A TARGET QUILT.

Target Quilt Finished

I did reverse appliqué with the red behind the white. I wanted the circles to stand out more so I did 2 lines of black stitching around the circles. I knew I wanted to echo quilt the white and wasn’t sure what to do with the red. I was thinking concentric circles with those. Once I finished quilting the white, Charlotte, who was sitting across from me suggested dense pebble quilting. I had not thought of that and it definitely would break up the monotony of the lines… But man, to get the effect I wanted, that would be a lot of pebbles. Luckily dinner was ready and I got to stew over the decision for awhile. When I came back from dinner I had to do it.

I got through 2 of the circles no problem and then I ran out of red thread. I asked around and Sam offered her spool up. I rethreaded my machine and set off again, yet this time my thread kept breaking. It was the same company, Gutterman. Hmm.. I rethreaded, redid the bobbin, thread broke again. I lifted the sole plate and cleaned, replaced the bobbin, thread broke again. Adjusted the tension throughout the hi-lo spectrum, thread kept breaking. Tried feeding the spool from a cone stand, still kept breaking. Changed spools, it STILL kept shredding. The weird thing is that it would work great on my test piece and then as soon as I would go back to the actual quilt, would break again, and only with the red thread. Almost 2 hours later I gave up. I decided to put it away and deal with it at home and not waste my time and energy dealing with finicky thread.

Once I got home, things worked better, but still not perfect. Instead of only lasting 5 seconds, it would last 15, or sometimes 30. Finally after doing it in spurts, I finished it. Just don’t look at the back. It has bird nests and eyelashes, and I don’t even know what. And I don’t even care. It’s a wall quilt and no one will ever see the back, so there. I finished the quilt with black binding and took a toothbrush to the raw edges to fray them for more dimension.

Target Quilting Pebble Close UpTarget Quilting Outline Close UpTarget Quilting Echo Close Up

It’s good enough for me, and now I can take it to work and say, “Hey look, bee tee dub’s, I made a Target quilt. So take that.”

Better Off Thread


Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 2012 Bee Blocks

This was the last month in my BeeJeebers Bee that I have loved so much!!! Luckily, several of us are coming together again and doing another year so I will get to see the wonderful work of these ladies continue. That being said, here is my final block for BeeJeebers 2012. She asked for a rainbow block and for us to design our own. I was going to do a dresden plate but when I started going through my scraps I couldn't find big enough pieces to make that work so I decided to just do a stacked strip block. I am extremely happy with how well it turned out!

BeeJeebers December 2012 Block

I had to take a picture of all the strips laying in color order because it was just too pretty...

Rainbow Prettiness!!

Next I worked on my two Stash Bee blocks. Yellow and grey window pane blocks. These both came together in under an hour. That's what I'm talking about!

Stash Bee - December 2012 Block 1Stash Bee - December 2012 Block 2

That was all for the month of December believe it or not! I am the Queen Bee for my We Bee Modern Too Bee and they are making a Just Jack block, which is a paper pieced Union Jack block. Since I am moving and it is also the holidays I told them to not worry and send in January if they need to so I'll post them when I get them!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

November 2012 Bee Blocks

This is again a catch up post! I never got a chance to post about the blocks I made in November for my bees!

For We Bee Modern Too we made the Mondrian block again. I like this block but the first time I made it, it came out on the small side so I made sure to sew a scant 1/4in seam this time and it turned out perfectly!

We Bee Modern Too November 2012 Block

For HARMONY. do. good stitches. instead of making two blocks, we just made one super long strip of flying geese. Very quick and easy! I'm interested to see how all these come together.

HARMONY. do. good. stitches. November 2012 Block

For BeeJeebers we made the Carpenter's Star. I have been wanting to make this block for awhile now. Very much like the infamous Swoon block, it has lots of HST's and flying geese. Came together smoothly and now I have it under my belt.

Beejeebers November 2012 Bee

It was my month in the Stash Bee and I had them make my Rainbow Starburst Block that I have posted about before. I had my BeeJeebers Bee make it for me and I put together the blocks and loved it so much I decided to have another bee make them as well to make a large quilt! Lots of beautiful blocks have arrived and I can't wait to put them all together. Here's a picture of the BeeJeebers blocks all put together.

Rainbow Star Top Rainbow Star Close Up

Just so pretty!

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