Monday, December 31, 2012

Modern She Made Pillow

Long time no post! I'm in the middle of moving so I'm trying to make sure everything gets done early so that I'm not running behind on swaps or bees with two weeks of downtime! This is an old swap project that I just haven't posted about yet. For the latest Modern She Made Swap I made a travel sized pillow for my parter. One of the requirements was that you incorporate triangles. I decided to try a new technique, reverse applique. I loved how it turned out!!

Modern She Made 2

I pieced 3in x 3in pieces of super small scraps to make the triangles, drew a triangle on the white Kona, cut a 1/4in notch at each corner of the triangle, folded the edges back and ironed them down. I then positioned the colored piece behind each opening and sewed right along the edge on top of the white to tack it down. Super easy and I love the 3D effect it gives! I wish I would have taken more pictures!

Modern She Made Finished Pillow

Modern She Made Top In Progress

She liked it so I'm glad! I also sent along a pouch that I posted about the other day, the mushroom pouch!

Modern She Made Pouch

I love trying new things and this is one that I will definitely have to do again. Happy New Year!!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rainbow Starburst String Block Tutorial

I have had several requests for a tutorial on how to make my Rainbow Starburst String Block that I have had both my BeeJeebers Bee and my Stash Bee mates make for me. I just love the way this looks and I hope you enjoy making 1 or 2 or a whole quilts worth as well!

Block Complete

Step 1: Cut 4 8.5in squares out of your background fabric.

Black Squares

Step 2: Mark 2 dots, each one 3 inches away from the same corner on 2 sides of the blocks.

Square Mark

Step 3: Draw a line from each dot to the opposite corner of the block, making a V shape. Repeat for remaining 3 blocks.

V Mark

Step 4: Lay your 4 blocks out with the large wedges towards the middle and label the color you want each of the sections to be. For a rainbow block I labeled as follows:

V Label

Step 5: Start with one quadrant and gather 4-6 1"-2" strips of fabrics for the corresponding colors. You will need lengths varying between 2"-11" of each color. I'm starting with the Orange/Yellow quadrant.

Color Strips

Step 6: Take your longest strip of one color and lay it against the line separating that color from your background fabric. Make sure the fabric is laying on the background side of the line.

Strip Laying

Step 7: Sew with a 1/4 in seam on the side that is against the line. Do not sew on the line.

Strip Sewn

Step 8: Fold back string over seam and press.

Press Strip

Step 9: Line up you next longest strip of the same color, right sides together and sew along the unsewn edge with a 1/4 in seam. Fold over and press.

Second Strip Sewn

Second Strip Pressed

Step 10: Repeat until you have fully covered that side of the block.

Yellow Side Complete

Step 11: Do the same thing for the other side of the block. Make sure to place your first strip along the background side of the line. Sew 1/4 in seam, fold, and press.

First Orange Strip

Note: The corners will not match up on the corner that the two color meet. Make sure to follow the line your marked and not to match the corners.
Corners Not Match

Step 12: Lay your next strip down along the unsewn edge of the longest strip and sew, fold, press. Repeat until you cover all the background fabric on that side.

Finished Quadrant

Step 13: Flip the square over and trim to 8.5in x 8.5in square, following the lines of the background fabric.


Finished Trimming

Step 14: Repeat this process for the remaining 3 quadrants.

Step 15: Lay blocks out in ROYGBIV layout and sew the top two blocks together. Make sure to match the edges of the colors together. Then sew the bottom two together. Press seams open


Rows Complete

Seams Open

Step 16: Sew the two rows together, again making sure the points of the colors match up. Press seams open. Your block is complete!

Block Complete


Mushroom Swap Pouch

I haven’t made a pouch in a long while. I am part of the Modern She Made Swap and had figured out what I was going to make as the main swap item and I was pretty sure I wanted to make a pouch for the small item. I was trying to figure out what style to go with. I wanted it to be different from the main item. I scanned through my partner’s favorites and found several photos of items that had birds or mushrooms in them. I looked at the fabric I had brought with me to the quilting retreat and spotted a red and white dot that would be perfect for mushroom caps. So mushroom caps I made.

Red Dot Fabric

I started off by cutting out the three caps, then the three stems. I used a small square of fusible web to attach each piece to the front panel of the pouch to keep it in place while I sewed. I decided to do raw edge appliqué, doing it FMQ style rather than super careful and perfect. I have really liked the way that has looked on several projects I have seen around.

Modern She Made Pouch

I really like the way they turned out! The FMQ appliqué adds a touch of whimsy I think. I decided to do it in black so it would stand out and also pull in the black from the zipper. I FMQ’ed her name on the back of the pouch, but I can’t show you that because if she happened to see it, it would spoil the surprise!

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