Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiffany's Pouch

My current partner at work requested a make up bag. I asked her what colors she wanted and she said black and white, I asked if she wanted any accent colors and she said no, just black and white. Okay, easy enough, I can do that.

I knew I wanted to use a cute polka dot that I recently got but once I got that and the lining cut out I was stumped on what to do on the outside to make it “cool.” I did some straight line quilting, it looked okay but nothing that was awe-inspiring. I decided to make it boxy, give it some depth, it was better, but still no umph. I decided to cut out a large “t” from white and raw edge appliqué it to the front of the bag.

Tiffany's Bag

I like how it turned out, I don’t love it but it’s better than just a plain bag. I have still tried to figure out what else I could have done to make it cooler. I have no idea, I guess I just ran out of creative juice that night, or maybe black and white are not my colors. No clue. The good thing is that she loved it and it’s being used. Hopefully she really did and she wasn’t just being nice…


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chevron Baby Quilt

My first partner at work is expecting a child with his new wife. I wanted to make them a quilt for the baby, so I asked the gender and the nursery colors and theme. He told me that they were having a boy and that the nursery was going to be decorated in yellow and grey chevrons. Talk about a score!

I have been wanting to do a chevron quilt for the longest! I found a really cool tutorial at Generation Q that was a spin on the traditional chevron quilt. I decided to change it up and use the same fabrics for entire lines. I didn’t have enough yellow so I went to one of the LQS to find a good match. I was hoping to find some yellow chevrons but they didn’t have any. Instead, I found a really cool Freespirit print. Since I was already there, I was like, “hmmm…it wouldn’t hurt to look for a coordinating grey…” Of course I found one. I loved it so much I had to buy extra so I could use it on other projects. It looks like a linen from far away but is a quilting cotton, much easier to sew on. It’s Mod-Century by Moda.

Yellow and Grey

I took all of my new fabric with me to my quilting retreat and got to work on it the first day I was there. I had it done by dinner. Seriously this was the quickest and easiest quilt I have ever done. Super cute too!

James Baby Quilt Finished


Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Fresh Sew Day

Lily's Quilts

So I got a good chunk done in October. I finished several entire quilt tops which I am very excited about. Now I am looking forward to quilting them. I am still fairly new at the whole FMQ thing so hopefully these will be good practice to get my skills sharpened up. Here is what I did in October, it's not all here bc I've been lazy and haven't uploaded all the pics but most of the stuff is.

October 2012 Finishes

I am attending my first quilting retreat today through Sunday and I am super excited to hang out with all the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild ladies! I am bringing tons of stuff to do because I have found that I am very productive during sew ins so I want to make sure I don't run out of stuff to do!

I will be blogging throughout the trip so stay tuned!


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