Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop

Plum and June

Hello! My name is Colby and I currently live in Dallas, TX with my boyfriend and my two furry children, Marta and Clifford. I recently moved and my new sewing niche is super cute, hidden right underneath the stairs!

Sewing Niche

I'd like to thank Beth from Plum and June for organising this cool event. It includes the Blog Hops every Tuesday and Thursday + an Advice for New Bloggers Series, a Let's Figure it Out Together series and Monday Link Up.

My blog mate today is Fiona from Celtic Thistle, so go check her out as well!

Now onto a little bit more about myself and my quilty life!

Mosaic of Makes

January 2012
March Finishes
April Accomplishments
- How long have you been quilting?
I finished my first quilt when I was 9 so I'm 23, that makes it 14 years! My mom was a seamstress growing up so I was surrounding by sewing all my life and sort of gave it up for awhile when I went off to college. I just recently got back into it after I graduated college.

- Favorite quilting tip(s)
If you mess it up, go with it, now it's "unique" and "original". :)

 - Favorite blogging tip(s)
Do not let blogging become a chore, if you start dreading it, take a break. It should be fun to share your creativity, don't let blogging make it work.

 - Favorite fabric (or wish list fabric)
I don't hold myself to a specific fabric line, I like bold, modern prints and text prints. Not a novelty/cutesy girl...

 - Favorite book (or book you are currently reading)
The Defining Decade, it's about how to not waste your twenties! Great read!

- Favorite children's book
Rainbow Fish, I love those scales!!!

- Favorite quilting tool
My extension table!

- Favorite music to listen to while quilting/Favorite TV show while hand stitching
I usually like listening to quilting Podcasts like Katie's Quilting Corner or Radio Shows like American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan.

- Binding - by hand or by machine?
BY HAND!!! Fo' life!

- If I'd only known - what you wish you knew about blogging before you started your blog
That people actually follow you and that you end up making friends through it!

Here's a link to my Tutorial for a Modern Sewing Machine Cover!


  1. Great to find out some more about you! I want your sewing space...all those oraganised baskets....the chair at the correct height....girl can we swap? =D

  2. 14 years? I'm sitting here wondering what I've been doing with myself, a whole decade older than you lol Love the minis and hoops in your sewing area

  3. How awesome is your sewing area! Love it!! Wish mine looked half as good.

    Great mosaic of makes too - love all the bright colours!

  4. Love your fabric choices for your projects. My mom was a seam stress so I have been quilting a long time as well :)

  5. Incredible mosaic, Colby! Love it!!

  6. What a neat and tidy sewing corner, definitely puts me to shame! Great to 'meet' you Colby.

  7. hi colby, nice to meet you. i love your little sewing niche! Great that you started sewing at nine. Do you still have that first quilt?

  8. What an awesome mosaic! Love that you learned to sew so young!

  9. So nice to meet you! I love your mosaic of projects :-) I'm down the road in Austin!

  10. I love your mosaics! Lot's of diversity :) nice to meet you!

  11. Nice to meet you Colby. Your Mosaic is very impressive. All of your projects are beautiful

  12. Dude. You have a dog named Marta?! What made you want to name her that? I don't know many Americans who don't spell it "Martha." Too cool.

    Your mosaic has some really great stuff! I *adore* the color scheme you chose for your machine cover.

    1. ...and Martha commented right above me. Crazy! ;)

  13. Just hopped over here on the blog hop - now I am your newest *Follower*
    I love your sewing space.
    And now I am off to nosey your machine cover tutorial.

  14. Hi! Lovely to visit your beautiful blog. Your mosaic is fab and your new sewing space is perfect :)

  15. Nice to meet you and visit your blog. I really need to make a sewing machine cover so your tut will come in handy. Great mosaic too. I need to learn how to make mosaics. How do I do ti?

  16. Colby, what a clever spot for your sewing machine! What good use of space!

  17. Colby, I love your quilting tip!
    BTW, can you send me your last name so that I can send you the fabric for the bee?
    Can't wait to check out your tute!

  18. Nice to get to know you. And thank you for that cute sewing machine tutorial.

  19. So many wonderful projects in those mosaics - and great tutorial! Glad to learn more about you!

  20. Love your sewing space so cute, and great sewing machine cover!

  21. With you all the way on hand binding though sometimes I think I'm a bit daft as machine binding would be so very much quicker and who cares other than me? - must give it a go one day but I love the look of it by hand! Good to meet you on the blog hop :)

  22. Stopping by on the blog hop - nice to "meet" you - your sewing space is so inviting!

  23. That is one amazingly inspirational mosaic! I am glad I stopped by on the blog hop!

  24. That looks like a great sewing setup: very compact, but very well-organized!

  25. Nice to meet you through the blog hop! Your sewing machine cover is great - I've lost my plastic one, and if I get my act together I'll have a go at making yours:-)

  26. Great to get to know you more :) I love your project, the fabric you use always makes me smile (and want to steal it....)

  27. Hi, I came here via the blog hop :)

    I've not visited your blog before, but I love your projects and will be coming back, nice to meet you!


  28. I didn't know you were from Dallas. I live just a hop away in Fort Worth. I really love your style and your sewing space is awesome!! I'm off to check out your tutorial now :)


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