Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Bee Blocks

Here are the blocks I did for month of July. I had a trip the 3rd week so I tried to get lots of them done early.


Beejeebers July Block

Stash Bee

Stash Bee July Block

We Bee Modern Too

We Bee Modern Too July Block

HARMONY. do. Good. Stitches.

Harmony. Do. Good. Stitches. - July Block 1

Harmony. Do. Good. Stitches. July Block 2

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop

Plum and June

Hello! My name is Colby and I currently live in Dallas, TX with my boyfriend and my two furry children, Marta and Clifford. I recently moved and my new sewing niche is super cute, hidden right underneath the stairs!

Sewing Niche

I'd like to thank Beth from Plum and June for organising this cool event. It includes the Blog Hops every Tuesday and Thursday + an Advice for New Bloggers Series, a Let's Figure it Out Together series and Monday Link Up.

My blog mate today is Fiona from Celtic Thistle, so go check her out as well!

Now onto a little bit more about myself and my quilty life!

Mosaic of Makes

January 2012
March Finishes
April Accomplishments
- How long have you been quilting?
I finished my first quilt when I was 9 so I'm 23, that makes it 14 years! My mom was a seamstress growing up so I was surrounding by sewing all my life and sort of gave it up for awhile when I went off to college. I just recently got back into it after I graduated college.

- Favorite quilting tip(s)
If you mess it up, go with it, now it's "unique" and "original". :)

 - Favorite blogging tip(s)
Do not let blogging become a chore, if you start dreading it, take a break. It should be fun to share your creativity, don't let blogging make it work.

 - Favorite fabric (or wish list fabric)
I don't hold myself to a specific fabric line, I like bold, modern prints and text prints. Not a novelty/cutesy girl...

 - Favorite book (or book you are currently reading)
The Defining Decade, it's about how to not waste your twenties! Great read!

- Favorite children's book
Rainbow Fish, I love those scales!!!

- Favorite quilting tool
My extension table!

- Favorite music to listen to while quilting/Favorite TV show while hand stitching
I usually like listening to quilting Podcasts like Katie's Quilting Corner or Radio Shows like American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan.

- Binding - by hand or by machine?
BY HAND!!! Fo' life!

- If I'd only known - what you wish you knew about blogging before you started your blog
That people actually follow you and that you end up making friends through it!

Here's a link to my Tutorial for a Modern Sewing Machine Cover!

Modern Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Hello! My name is Colby and I have had the honor to be invited to take part in Plum and June's Blog Hop and I have a tutorial to share with all of you! If you want to get to know a little bit more about me, click here to see the questions I answered about my quilting life!

This is an original design that I created for my Modernista Swap Partner. I wanted it to be modern and simple but allow for customization in the design. It's an open sided sewing machine cover that can be adjusted to fit the size of your individual machine and the style of your sewing space.

I will reference the colors I used to stay consistent throughout the tutorial, but feel free to substitute your own colors or fabrics.

Modern Sewing Machine Cover Front

This is for my partner's machine which is slightly bigger than my machine so the fit shown above is off but it will work on hers!

This specific tutorial is for a machine that measures 12.5" high x 17" long x 7" wide. To calculate the size of your completed panel, take your length + 3" to find the length of your panel and take your height and multiply by 2 and add your width + 4".

Width: 17 + 3 = 20"
Length: 12.5 x 2 = 25, 25 + 7 + 4 = 36"

The size of the cover itself can be easily adjusted by trimming or adding borders and/or adjusting the size of the middle panel. If your width is less than 16" I would adjust the front/back panels by taking out a set of squares and shortening


- 21 2" squares, 7 of each desired color
- 3 2"x14" strips, 1 of each color
- 4 1" WOF* strips of white fabric
- 1 2.5" WOF* strips of white fabric
- 2 4" WOF* strips of white fabric
- Approximately 15"x23" Piece of white fabric
- 2.25" WOF* strips of grey for binding
- 40" by 23" coordinating piece for backing
- 40"by 23" piece of batting
- Coordinating ribbon

*WOF = width of fabric

Note: All seams are 1/4 in.

Step 1: Arrange your 2" squares into a 3x7 grid in the order you desire.

MSMC - Step 1

Step 2: Take your 1" strip and sew it right sides together to the first 6 of the 7 2" squares of each color. Cut apart and press seams toward the square.

MSMC - Step 2

MSMC - Step 2B

Step 3: Sew the pieces of each color together into a strip to form 3 strips, 1 of each color. Press seams toward the squares.

MSMC - Step 3

Step 4: Take your first color strip and right sides together, sew another 1" strip along the bottom side of your color strip. Press seams towards the 1" strip. Repeat for your second color strip.

MSMC - Step 4

Step 5: Take your 2.5" strip and sew along the bottom edge of the third color strip. Press seam towards 2.5" strip. you now have 3 completed rows.

MSMC - Step 5

Step 6: Sew each completed row to the one below it, being careful to match up the white intersections between rows. Press the seams towards the white strips. You now have your front panel completed.y

MSMC - Step 6A

MSMC - Step 6B

To make your back panel is a very similar process, just simplified. Feel free to repeat the front process for the back panel as well or do scrappy piecing to make your strips for the back panel.

Step 7: Sew a 1" strip to the bottom side of your first and second color strip. Press seams toward the color strip.

MSMC - Step 7

Step 8: Sew a 2.5" strip to the bottom of your third color strip and press the seam toward the color strip.

MSMC - Step 8

Step 9: Sew your 3 strips together, as you did you for first panel, right sides together. Press seams toward the color strips. You have now completed you back panel.

MSMC - Step 9

Step 10: Trim your pieces to the same size. Mine ended up at 13.25" wide x 7.5" high.

To figure out what size your middle piece should be subtract your height x2 from the length you calculated at the beginning and add 1" and that will be your height. Ex: 36-(7.5x2)+2 = 22"

For the width, just use the width of your trimmed pieces, mine is 13.25".

Therefore I need a 22"x13.25 inch middle piece.

Lay your pieces out as followed: back panel upside down, your 22"x13.25" piece, then your front panel right side up in preparation for sewing.

MSMC - Step 10

Step 11: Sew the back panel to the 22"x13.25" piece, right sides together. Press the seam towards the color strip.

MSMC - Step 11

Step 12: Sew the front panel to the other other end of the 22"x13.25" piece. Press the seam towards the white panel.

MSMC - Step 12

Step 13: Take the 4" strips and sew one along each of the long sides of your main panel. Press seams towards the 4" white strips.

Note: If you want to add any hand detail or embroidery, do so at this point.

MSMC - Step 13

MSMC - Detail

Step 14: Layer your backing fabric, your batting, and then your main panel together and pin or spray baste in preparation for quilting.

Step 15: Quilt the sandwich as desired, I personally chose vertical lines.

MSMC - Step 15

Step 16: Trim to 36"x20".

Step 17: Attach your 2.25" binding in your preferred way. I personally like this tutorial by Red Pepper Quilts.

Note: Before completely sewing down your binding either by hand or machine, take your 4 coordinating pieces of ribbon and pin on the back side of your piece approximately 6" from the top and bottom of each long side. Sew down right inside your seam line to tack down. Continue to sew down and finish binding.

MSMC - Step 17 Note

Step 18: Fold the panel over your machine and tie on each side. Your Modern Sewing Machine Cover is complete!

This is for my partner's machine which is slightly bigger than my machine so the fit is off on mine, but it will work on hers!

Modern Sewing Machine Cover Front

Modern Sewing Machine Cover Back

I hope you enjoy! If you have any feedback or have any questions about any part of the process, feel free to leave a comment or email me!

Plum and June

Sunday, July 22, 2012

James' Baby Quilt

One of my coworkers was having a baby girl so I was super excited to make a baby quilt. I really enjoy baby quilts because they come together so quickly and the quilt so easily, no bulk to fight with.

I was originally going to do a log cabin with pink, blue, white, and green, but every way I put it together I hated the way it looked...

James Baby Quilt Blocks Trial 1

James Baby Quilt Blocks Trial 2

I decided to do a granny square pattern instead, doing 4 large granny square blocks with just the pink and green.

James Baby Quilt Prewash

The backing fabric
James Baby Quilt Back Closeup

I really like the way it turned out and I sort of got. Some "free fabric" out of it too. I barely used the blue so I'm going to be able to use it for something else now.

I quilted it with a swirly heart design that I hadn't done before and by the end of it I had gotten into the hang of and will be able to do it again.

James Baby Quilt Quilting Closeup

And finally a cute pic of the puppy approval process:

Clifford on James Baby Quilt

Overall it came together pretty quickly and it was a simple classic quilt. The family loves it and I can't wait to get a picture w the baby on it!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Modernista Progress

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on for my partner for the Modernista Swap.

Modernista Progress

She wanted blue, grey, and yellow and has requested a sewing machine cover. I will be doing a tutorial for this sewing machine cover as well so that way other people can make one too.

This is the third project I have created and designed completely from scratch so hopefully it turns out as I have envisioned. I will working on it this weekend and will have the tutorial up late Monday.

Here's the mosaic I put together as inspiration for my own parter. I requested a sewing machine cover as well so I'm excited to see what she comes up with.

Modernista Mosaic

Thursday, July 19, 2012

June Bee Blocks

Here are the blocks I made in June for my bees. I had just changed addresses so I was having issues getting some of the fabric that people had sent for the blocks so some were a challenge to complete on time but I did it!

See Bee Joyful - sadly the last month of the bee :( it was my first bee so it has a special place in my heart.

See Bee Joyful - June Block


BeeJeebers June Block

We Bee Modern Too

We Bee Modern Too - June Block

Stash Bee - Siggy blocks for a wedding quilt! Awesome idea!

Stash Bee June Blocks

Harmony. do. Good. Stitches. - we took a month off to catch up on quilting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Modern She Made

So I joined this swap group to challenge myself and make something of my own design. My parter had a cool mosaic and I was excited to start my first true start to finish design process. I started with sketches on scrap paper at work.

Modern She Made Potential Design

I then moved the design into this really cool app called TouchDraw on my iPad. I played with different colors and ratios and finalize the general concept of what I wanted to do.

Modern She Made Color Mock Up

Finally I used scraps of each color to bring my design to life and it was exactly what I had imagined!!

Modern She Made Mini Top

It was so simple but had the interest of each of the different fabrics, complemented with the simple quilting and a clean black binding. Ah. I loved it so much. I almost didn't want to send it off to my partner but did, and she absolutely loved it as well.

Modern She Made Finished

I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to make it on the fly and just with trial and error. The measurements I thought I would do ended up being way off but in the end I overcame and excelled.

I'm in the process of doing my second one of a kind design for the Modernista Swap. More coming on that one soon!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

May Bee Blocks

I had some cool Bee Blocks on my plate for May. Here's a sampling of what I got to do. I love how bees stretch your mind and skills. Half of these I probably would have never thought of or tried. I love it!

Sew Bee Joyful

See Bee Joyful May Block


Beejeebers May Block

Stash Bee

Stash Bee Block - May 2012

We Bee Modern Too

We Bee Modern Too Bee Block - May 2012

Harmony. do. Good. Stitches.

HARMONY do. Good. Stitches. - May Block 2

HARMONY do. Good. Stitches. - May Block 1

Basically this was all I accomplished in May due to one of my trips being almost 3 weeks long!

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