Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2012 Accomplishments

I didn't get much done this month on top of the commitments I had but between a new puppy and apartment searching there wasn't much time. I move on May 20th so it looks like I'll have to be proactive to do everything before then because I leave for 2.5 weeks on a non-profit trip to Belize May 23rd, aka nothing except hand work will get done past that point. :)

So here they are, my April Accomplishments:
April Accomplishments

Please come back and see what I do in May, even though it won't be a whole bunch, I still have some cool things in the works..

Thank you to Lily's Quilts for hosting the Fresh Sewing Day and The Small Blog Meet!
Lily's Quilts

Lily's Quilts
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