Friday, April 27, 2012

Very little progress.

Between apartment hunting and getting a new puppy I have had very little time to sew in the past week or two. But I did manage to finish the fronts of my Potholder's for the Potholder Pass. The inspiration board I got was traditional and she wants to put it under a teal teapot. I hope this will suit her needs!
Potholder Pass in Progress

Got the quilting done on them today so I just need to decide what to use for the bind and do that and send them off!

I also am a little behind on the Zakka Sew Along. I got the book last week and made the Sewing Kit this week. I want to go back and make the tote! I love the look of it!
Zakka Sewing Kit Outside
Zakka Sewing Kit Inside

I need to do my BeeJeebers block this weekend!! It's a semi truck. I think I'm going to do spools of wire but I need to find some fabric that looks like that. I promise I'll get it out by Monday Melissa!

I also cut out my Hawaiian Applique piece. That itself was daunting, I don't even want to imagine the actual applique! A girl in my guild is fabulous at these and they look so cool so I figured I might as well give it a try as well. We will see how it turns out. If I like it I might keep going, if not, it will be destined to be a pillow. :)
Hawaiian Applique cut out

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Almost Finished Quilts

I have jumped head first into machine quilting and I turned out 2 quilts in a matter of less than 2 hours! The Sparkle Punch baby quilt I did in the same FMQ design I used for Laura's Wedding Quilt. I love the whimsy it adds! The second one I tried a new design, organic wavy lines. So all I need to do for my sparkle punch abby quilt is the binding. I have it sewn on, I just have to hand sew it down to the back. (My favorite part!!! For reals, not being sarcastic.)
Quilted Sparkle Punch

Sparkle Punch Closeup

I also quilted my Colorblock quilt that I tested for Bijou Lovely. This was the first time I have done organic wavy lines. Some are not as smooth as I wish but hey, practice makes perfect. Will be making the binding for this one tomorrow.
Quilted Colorblock

Colorblock Closeup

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying a New Thing

So I joined the Table Top Swap and the item that we are making is a set of napkins. I have never made napkins before and the material of choice, linen, I had never worked with before. Let's just say it was a learning experience.

This is my partners mosaic, most notably she likes text prints, pops of color against a neutral, woodgrain, hand stitching, and is currently in love with the yellow/aqua color scheme. She also mentioned that she likes stamping, I sort of ignored that one because I have zero supplies for that so sorry partner.
Table Top Swap Inspiration!

So this is what I have come up with so far. The fronts are done except for the hand stitching and the backs will be edged with the yellow woodgrain.
Table Top Swap Napkins In Progress

- Text Prints - check
- Pops of color against a neutral - check
- Woodgrain - check
- Hand stitching - almost there
- Yellow/Aqua color scheme - check

So therefore I am hoping that she likes them! She has been very quiet in the discussion group so I don't know much other than the initial bit she wrote and what I got from her mosaic. I should be able to finish them by this weekend and will give an update then!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon

So this is what I have in progress this week.

1. First Swoon block fully completed. Trying to decide if I like it enough to keep going. Initially I was going to make a queen sized quilt for my bedroom with this color scheme. Not sure if I'm still emotionally bought into it.
Finished Swoon

2. Mork Baby Quilt: Sparkle Punch Stars complete. I am not doing a full on sparkle punch, I'm adding a bit of a twist to it. Wait and see what it is! I'm waiting on some more Kona white to be received in the mail so this one is on hold for a few days!
Mork Baby Quilt Progress

3. James Baby Quilt: Fabrics have been purchased, I think I'm going to do wonky log cabins on point for this one.
James Baby Quilt Fabrics

4. Table Top Swap Napkins: I started my napkins for my partner. She wants neutral linen and test and bright colors. I am going to be adding some blue and yellow and then finishing off with some hand stitching. These are due April 23rd so my goal is to finish them this weekend.
Table Top Swap - In Progress

5. Wild Olive Swap: Finished and mailed! My partner asked for parrots/flowers/cats so I went with a parrot. I hope she likes it!
Finished Wild Olive Swap Piece

6. Bijou Lovely Pattern Testing: This is the first time I've ever been asked to test a pattern! Very exciting! I got the pattern Monday morning and finished the top Tuesday afternoon. Halfway through it I though of a really cool idea for this pattern so I'm going to be doing another one. I am compiling the feedback for Holly and sending it to her this weekend.
Bijou Lovely Pattern Test - Colorblock

That is all for now. I will be finishing up my Hoop Up Swap Piece this week and will post about it next week. Thanks for visiting!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Already April!

This year is going so quickly! When I looked back at what I had done in March I didn't think it would be a lot, but I guess I was wrong. Here's what I did during March 2012.

March Finishes

April is going to bring baby quilts! I have two going on right now and so when I finish those I will decide what my next adventure will be.

I just found out that I get to test a pattern for Holly at Bijou Lovely Designs and I am super stoked about it! I will be picking fabrics for this baby today!

Stay tuned on the progress of my baby quilts and also my bee blocks. This month's assignments are as follows:
- Stash Bee: Black and Yellow Gothic Windows Block - Beejeebers: Semi truck - Sew Bee Joyful: Paper Pieced Teapot - We Bee Modern: Lemons and Limes from Modern Blocks - 3x6: done!

Thank you to Lily's Quilts for hosting the Fresh Sewing Day and The Small Blog Meet!
Lily's Quilts

Lily's Quilts
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