Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Man, a lot has happened since my last post! My best friend's wedding was this past weekend and I was the Maid of Honor so I've been busy helping her especially the last couple of months, and the last week was dedicated to the wedding. It went off without a hitch and they are at Lake Tahoe on their honeymoon as I type.

Quilting wise, I have been doing a lot of things in my spare bits of time because I know how much I have to do in March and I have another Bachelorette party next weekend out of town and then the wedding, again out of town the weekend after that. But...I am doing really well! I just need to go to the post office. :)

3x6 Bee Blocks
Beejeebers Block
Stash Bee Block
Cutting 5 yd Rainbow Swap fabric

Almost done:
Wild Olive Stitch Swap
Hoop Up Swap Piece #2

Need to do:
Sew Bee Joyful Block
Rainbow Swap #2 cut fabric

But look at what I've done! This is the March block for Ursula for Beejeebers. She wanted us to use 48 different fabrics and I achieved that! I love this block and I'm sort of jealous that I can't use the same block for my month.
March Beejeebers Block

And the back(I pressed open because of the bulk and I think the back is almost as pretty as the front!)
Back of Mar. Beejeebers Block

I also received my Name Game Swap Mini from Lainey this past week! How awesome is this??
Name Game Swap
Name Game Swap Close Up

I absolutely love it. It is completely me and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of this swap! I have some more to tell you, but I will save it for another post. Thanks for stopping by!
Fresh Poppy Design


  1. I love the back of your block too! I found mine to be very bulky and wished that I would have pressed it open. I wasn't going to make another set of HST though!!!

  2. Hi, Colby! I was just browsing blogs and had a delightful little surprise when I was checking out Quilt Story's linky party! I LOVE your block! It's just gorgeous! Thank you so much!!! I would happily make you one for your month. :)

    And your name game mini is adorable, the spools are stunning, you lucky girl!

  3. Hola chica!!! I saw you posted your blog link on mini qt so I came to snoop!!

  4. So jealous of your mini. I think everyone in the group wanted to take that home!

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