Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snap Pouch Tutorial

The other day I made a snap pouch for one of my Hoop Up Swap partners and got a tremendous response on it. Because I created the pattern myself I figured I would make a tutorial to show you how to make one for yourself.

Snap Pouch Tutorial
Snap Pouch Angle

Outside :
1 rectangle 6in x 8.5in
2 coordinating strips 1.5in x 6in
(you can also piece this any way you want, as long as it is 10.25in x 6in when finished)

1 rectangle 6in x 8.5in
2 coordinating strips 1.5in x 6in
(you can also piece this any way you want, as long as it is 10.25in x 6in when finished)
1 piece of batting 10.25in x 6in

A snap

A button
Snap Pouch Tutorial Materials
The first thing you do is lay out the outside pieces in the way you want them to be pieced together.
1.5in x 6in outside coordinating piece
8.5in x 6in outside main piece
1.5in x 6in outside coordinating piece

Snap Pouch Tutorial Outside Layout
Next, you sew right sides together, the coordinating 1.5in x 6in pieces on each 6in end of your main outside piece.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Sewing Outside
After you have sewn both pieces on, press towards the outside, like this:
Snap Pouch Tutorial Outside Press
Next, you repeat those steps for the lining piece. Lay it out, sew the coordinating pieces to each 6in end, and press to the outside.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Lining Layout
Snap Pouch Tutorial Sewing Lining
Snap Pouch Tutorial Lining Press
You should end up with two pieces that look like this:
Snap Pouch Tutorial Outside
Snap Pouch Tutorial Lining
Now we will quilt the outside piece. I spray basted my outside piece to my batting, you can also pin if you want.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Basting
After basting the outside fabric to the batting, quilt as desired. I quilting in straight lines, .5in apart with coordinating pink thread.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Quilting
When finished, you should have two finished pieces, the quilted outside, and the lining.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Finished Outside and Lining
Lay the lining and the outside piece right sides together and trim if needed to ensure that they are the same size. (Sometimes quilting distorts the edges)

Snap Pouch Tutorial Edge Trimming - Before
Snap Pouch Tutorial Edge Trimming - After
Next, pin all the layers together and sew 1/4in seam around the edge, leaving a 2-3in opening on one of the long sides to be able to turn the pouch with.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Edge Seam
Snap Pouch Tutorial 2-3in Opening
Before you turn the pouch, diagonally clip the corners to reduce the bulk in the corners when you turn.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Clipped Corners
Next, turn the pouch right ride out, and use a blunt object to push out the corners.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Corners
Press, making sure to make sure all seams fully turned. ** Make sure to fold in the edge that you turned with so that when you make the next seam, it will be closed.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Ironed Piece
Snap Pouch Tutorial Folded Opening
Lay the piece with the lining facing you, and fold the bottom half up about 3 inches and pin. Fold the top half down to ensure that the placing of the bottom half is where you want it. Adjust if necessary.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Lining Fold
Snap Pouch Tutorial Outside Fold
Sew around the entire edge of the piece with an 1/8in seam.
Next sew on the snap (my least favorite part!) to top top edge and the bottom edge.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Snaps
And lastly, sew on or hot glue the button to the front of the pouch.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Finished Pouch
You can use one button, or layer two as I did. I just lined the smaller one up with the holes of the larger one and sewed them together and then hot glued that piece to the front of my pouch.
Snap Pouch Tutorial Finished Button
Snap Pouch Tutorial Button Sewing
And voila! A finished pouch!
Snap Pouch Front
Snap Pouch Lining

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  1. Very cute - I will have to have a go making one. I'm here through the Small blog meet.

  2. Soooo cute I love it! Do you think you could make one for me and send it.....kidding I'll make one for myself for the to purchase some snaps =D

  3. What a cute pouch! I love the fabric, what is it please?

  4. Cute wee pouch, love how you hid the snap

  5. Gorgeous pouch and great tute!!

  6. What a cute little pouch :) So fun!!! Thanks for linking up :)

  7. Visiting via Lily's Quilts. What a great tutorial - I'm definitely adding this to my project list. I'm looking forward to following your blog.

  8. Great tutorial! I'm going to make a few of these and use them when I give gift cards out. Just love it!

  9. what a great idea for making such a simple cute pouch. love it!

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  11. It is cute!! Where did you find the scooter material??

  12. Very cute pouch. Thanks for the tutorial

  13. Thanks for taking the time to put up this tutorial. I love the materials you have used they are lovely.

  14. you're so talented! I tried reading it step-by-step, but had no idea what it meant :) I'll remain an innocent bystander and leave the quilting to you.


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