Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Weekly Works in Progress

I have made major progress on my Chain Link. I know, I've been working on this one forever! I am determined to finish the top for my guild meeting on Monday and I'm in the home stretch!

I finished all of my blocks and trimmed them. This is a step I used to step but after I tried it a couple of quilts ago, I'll never go back! The piecing is so easy if you trim your blocks!!

Before Trim:
Chain Link Blocks Finished

After Trim:

Plus, I just love the way the trimming look in the trash can. Weird, I know.

And of course, my helper, Marta. She literally laid on top of my feet when I was trimming.

I also finished my Name Game Swap Mini!!! Sooooo happy with it. I mailed it today, it should get there on Friday, so next week I should be able to show you the whole thing, but until then, here's a peek of the quilting I did on it.

I also made some really good progress on my bee blocks. I chose a block for my 3x6 Solids group and did a test block in my colors:
2012 3x6 Solids Bee Block

I also finished my Stash Bee Block for Samantha, a pineapple block. Now I know I don't like to do pineapple blocks. :)
Stash Bee Feb. 2012 Blocks

I told myself that if I finished my Chain Link and my Name Game, I can start working on my Flying Geese again, so I should be able to pick that up again by next week!
Layout 5

Whew. After those I don't have anything but hand quilting to finish! Looks like I need to start scheming my next project...

Expect I always have Farmer's Wife blocks to do. Always.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I like the way trimmings look in the trash, too! We can be weird together. :D

  2. You have been busy! I'm a big believer in trimming too. It makes sewing the blocks together much easier.

  3. Love that bee block! And I totally agree about the trimming, it makes piecing together blocks SO much easier, even if it is an incredibly tedious task :)

  4. I love the way trimmings look in the trash (or in the pile next to my cutting mat) too! Those blocks look awesome! ANd I LOVE those blocks!! SO awesome!

  5. I love everything you're working on, and I also love your dog and the trimmings. I'm glad I'm not the only one who posts pictures of fabric trimmings LOL!

  6. I just have to think of the paper you could make out of the trimmings - but I really don't want to go there - I don't need another project. I really like the chain link blocks. Hehe I can tell you I don't like the pineapple block jsut from looking at it, to many parts, too much pressing, too many seems to go wrong. Well done though!

  7. Lol, love your helper, and I love the trimmings too, we're all nuts together!

  8. This was a fun post, from start to finish. Yep, count me in on the like-the-trimmings group. I think I like it because it represents DONE, and I like DONE a whole lot. Your other blocks (including the teaser peek) are beautiful. Do you always make a label for your contributions to Bee Blocks? And are pineapples that hard to do? (I've always wanted to try a pineapple quilt.)

    Elizabeth E.

  9. I so glad to see I am not alone... I am a sucker for trimmings too. Maybe because that pile is always a good sign that putting the blocks together just got alot easier.

  10. I love my Pineapple block! See I always wanted a Pineapple quilt but wasn't sure I would want to make enough blocks for one. Now you know why I chose that as my block... the funny thing is, I made the one I made and decided it wasn't that bad and if I chain pieced them I don't think I'd mind making a whole quilt.

    I love that block with the solids too. Reminds me that summer is almost right around the corner with all of it's sunny goodness!


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