Friday, February 24, 2012

Lots of Finishes Friday

So I didn't get as much sewing done this weekend as I normally do because I wen to Mardi Gras! I have been several times but it was my roommates first time and we had a good time. Me (left), Heidi (right)
Heidi and I - Mardi Gras 2012
We had a total of about 16 hours driving and so I was able to get a lot of hand work done. I finished my Feb. Beejeebers block! Based on the theme of family board games, I chose Cranium.
Beejeebers Feb block
I also finished up one of my pieces for my Hoop Up Swap. This one is for Maripen, based on a woodlands creatures theme.
Hoop Up Swap - Maripen's Block
I also made some good progress on Tropical Soup's Hoop Up piece, based on the poem the Owl and the Pussycat.
Hoop Up Swap -tropical soup, in progress
I am still working on my owls and was able to finish one all but the eyes, which the colors I had accidentally left at home.
Owl embroidery in progress
Whew. Lots of embroidery. I also had some hexagons but they were all from the same fabric so I will need to make up some more so that I can actually work on them. I realized that I needed a good embroidery bag on this trip, with lots of pockets! So as I had plenty of time, I thought a lot and decided I wanted to use solids and do a rainbow sort of thing. This is what I came up with:
I used some of my quilter's linen that I bought last week and just some kona solids. I was playing with the scraps and I liked the way they were looking so I told myself that I needed to incorporate them into the piece somehow.
This is what I came up with. I am still debating on whether to add some hand stitching, I have this beautiful rainbow variegated pearl cotton I got from the Houston International Quilt Festival and I might just use some..
Embroidery Pouch - Back
I just sewed one line through the center of each little strip and I LOVE the way it looks. I also sewed a line vertically down the middle the make this pocket into two pockets. I lined the pouch in a bright pink and put two pockets in yellow on the inside.
Embroidery Pouch - Inside
I'm thinking of doing this again and making it into a tutorial. We will see. Off to figure out what to do next! Linking up to: Finish it Up Friday, Can I get a Whoop Whoop, and


  1. Looks like a lot to me more then I did.I like the deer and owl and boat.

  2. (A) Great poem
    (B) Great bag
    (C) Great accomplishments in general! Mazl tov on a productive week!

  3. I love that cute deer! That Cranium block is fun!

  4. Busy week there! Great job, especially love the pouch

  5. It looks like you had lots of fun! Wow all your hand sewing looks awesome!

  6. Wow you've been busy! Loving all the things you've made....yes tutorials are awesome!!

  7. Your embroidery is fantastic! The cranium block looks just like the real thing!

  8. I love your embroidery pieces:) The applique is terrific!

  9. Great job on all of your embroidery and beautiful projects... wow, you accomplished a lot! :o)

  10. All your projects are lovely and it looks like you accomplished quite a bit, even with Mardi Gras!
    I was particularly drawn to the owl. Great work on the embroidery!

  11. Beautiful blocks!! And I love your pouch, too!! Whoop whoop!!


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