Monday, January 2, 2012

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4

Here are my blocks for the 3x6 Bee! I will be mailing them out in the next couple of days. I designed the block myself drawing upon the crappy sashing I did in Denise's quilt and I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

I still might redo the top right one just because it has 4 instead of 6 lines but I'm going to ask Laura first in case she likes that one better or she doesn't mind that it's just a bit different.

Karin's Block:

Laura's Block:

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 for lel6419

Amy's Block:

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 for AmySewVT

Susan's Block: (plus Marta's paws)

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 for Susanpiluk

Anna's Block:

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 for kvarnAnna

Elaine's Block:

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 for Dashasel

Test Block in my colors:

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 - My Test Block

Hope they are happy with these!!


  1. Those came out great! I especially like Anna's block.

  2. Those turned out very cute!! Great job!

  3. They all are so great! This would make such a cool quilt as an overall design!

  4. Great job designing your own block! :)


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