Thursday, December 29, 2011

3x6 Bee Blocks in Progress!

So today after I had figured out what kind of block I wanted to do for the 3x6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee I started on the blocks for my Bee Mates. Go Hive #3!!!

This was my test block in my colors to see if what I was thinking would transfer into an actual block. I LOVED it but.... it was too small. By like 1/2 an inch. Grrr..

So I came back about a week later and decided to thicken the strips to make it wide enough. When I was pulling scraps for the first block, greys and greens, I realized that if I did 6 strings that were thicker I wouldn't have enough fabric of the ones I wanted to use, hence the altered pattern. I still think it looks good and it was quicker so I guess it'll work for now.

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 for lel6419

This one is for lel6419 (Laura). I cut the fabrics for KvarnAnna (Anna's) black/grey/white today and will finish that one tomorrow.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My First Bee Month

So I am in the Bee Sew Joyful Bee and January is my month and instead of giving a pattern, block, fabric, or anything, I decided to just go with the theme of "owls". I'm letting them to absolutely anything they want, using any medium they want as long as I can sew the edges into a quilt. I am so excited to see what these ladies come up with!

Here is my inspiration mosaic to get their creative streaks started:

My creation

This is my first time hosting a bee month so I'm trying new things... Thanks Melissa for hosting T.N.T. Thursdays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My First Class!

So I technically taught my first class this weekend. Yes it was to my roommate and my best friend but I had two participants and I had them both create a simple table runner complete with quilting (one did hand quilting, the other machine after seeing how long it took the other one) and then hand sewn binding.. I am pretty proud of them.

Number 1: My best friend has had this material for over a year, had it cut out for more than 9 months, and finally decided it was time to sit down and do it.

Number 2: I dragged my roommate with me to an out of town quilt shop that I had scored a groupon deal for (I got two and made her "use" one), where she got 5 FQ's and she finally sat down and made something with them!!

Number 3: I finally got my mother's brother embroidery machine to work, the foot attachment thing was screwed up and I found another one that would work and now she's good as new..except I can't find the embroidery arm. It's okay it's about a 10 year old machine and the software was only for windows 2000 and I have a mac and my mom's computer had crashed so the embroidery part was worthless anyway.

Here are some pictures of the progress, I've yet to get finished ones, my best friend (blue) is almost there, my roommate (red/yellow) is almost finished with the top.

Both sewing away

Best friend working on her top

Roommate working on her top

The dogs helping us sew

Roommate with one of her blocks

Best friend hand quilting

She has a way to go...

Best friend with hers almost done!

I'm glad my best friend tried doing hand quilting because she is getting married in March and the quilt I'm making her is queen sized and very densely hand quilted. She now realizes all the time, patience, love, sweat, tears, that goes into hand quilting and she will appreciate it so much more!

Hopefully one day I will teach a real class...oh some day.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Long Time No See

Whew. Quilting has had to take a back seat the last couple of weeks. I have had some exciting things happen in the time that has passed though:

#1 I got a bad ass iron for 50% off. (Lesson: patience is a virtue.)

#2 I finished my first quilt that I have ever given away as a Christmas present. (Scrappy Sash Quilt - no finished picture... bad me)

#3 I completed my first ornament for my guild ornament swap.

#4 I have come up with a block design for my 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee (should have one or two finished today)

#5 I have lots to catch up on so stay tuned...
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