Friday, November 18, 2011

Start and Finish Friday

Thanks to Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts for hosting Finish it up Friday and

I have already shown what I have been doing this week on my blog so I decided to start and finish a completely new project for this link up.

I participated in a Echino Swap a couple of weeks back hosted by Sara at Sew Sweetness and haven't had the courage to cut into the fabric yet. I decided to change that today. I needed a bag to hold by newly acquired hobby of knitting for the trip to the family's this weekend and I thought this was a fitting project to use some of the Echino in.

I used Jeni's Drawstring Bag Tutorial to make it and I definitely don't think this will be my last one. Only took about 45 minutes including seam ripping for not reading my directions... Anyone else have that problem?

Now I have a pretty bag for my pretty knitting. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My First Mosaic!!

So while doing some research for my 3x6 Bee I was asked to present a mosaic of inspiration. Only problem was that I had never done a mosaic. Well thank you to Kat from Mumma's Time to Create, I was able to learn how to make a mosaic in a matter of minutes.

My color scheme for this Quarter is red/orange/grey and this is my new mosaic:

Q4 3x6 Bee Hive #3

I'm excited to pick the block I want to do for my beemates and see what they come up with as well!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

So This week I have only finished 1 project. My "No Regrets" wall hanging, which I am in love with. Took it to guild meeting and it was a hit. I'm thinking about making a pattern and selling it on Etsy but I don't know how to make a pdf pattern. Might have to call my girl Google on that one.

I also started a new project. I found 3 matching men's shirts at a local thrift store for $2 each. I cut them up over 2 months ago into HST's but this week I finally started sewing them together to become what I think will be my first boy quilt. What do you think?

This is a sample layout with a few of the blocks. Still playing with them. I know I want to do white sashing because I want to do some hand quilting on the edges of the sashing in grey/blue. I just need to get some white Kona because the crap I bought from Joann's is completely see through... blah, I knew I should have just sucked it up and spent the extra money in the first place.

I also started the Free Motion Quilting at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I got 4 done in one night. I have 2 more sandwiches prepared, just need to bite the bullet and do some more.

I found that even one night of practice made me feel a lot more comfortable about how I move the fabric through my machine. The only thing is that I really want an extension table thing because the arm of my machine is so narrow, even doing these little squares the sides are pulling off the arm...

Concerning my ongoing projects, I made two more Farmer's Wife blocks:

This brings my total to 11 completed blocks, 100 to go. Oh dear..

I'm working on more projects but just don't have time to list them here so come back and see what else I'm working on! Thanks for visiting and thank you Freshly Pieced for hosting WIP Wednesday!!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hand Work

Had guild meeting last night, aka motivation to finish up some stuff. I finally finished my No Regrets wall hanging. I redid the binding and hand quilted it.

I also taught myself to knit this weekend. I really like it. I just need to learnt o relax my shoulders when doing it. Definitely have some work to do on the whole consistency issue.

Thanks to Kristen at So Happy for starting Take Your Time Tuesdays!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I seem to keep accumulating more W.I.P.S...

Finished Projects
- Charity Quilt Top

- Sew Bee Joyful Bee Blocks

Sew Bee Joyful - November - Corinne

Sew Bee Joyful - November - Corinne - Siggy Block

- Pizza Box Exchange Block

New Projects
- Cupcake Pin Cushion
- Scrappy Squares

- Star Flower Quilt from Link to the 30's

Ongoing Projects
- Danielle's Wedding Quilt (hand quilting in progress)
- Proportion Quilt (hand quilting in progress)

Proportion Quilt Hand Quilting

- Owl embroidery set

- Farmer's Wife QAL

Farmer's Wife - 9

Completed Tops Awaiting Quilting
- No Regrets Mini Quilt

- Topsy Twosy
- Denise's Scrappy Sash Quilt

- Heirloom X's

Thanks to Lee from Freshly Pieced for hosting W.I.P. Wednesday and JAQS Studio!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Regrets?

So I finished my embroidery piece I talked about in Weekend Progress, and I set about to set it in borders and binding. I love the red border and the binding but I have mixed feelings about the blue border. Is it too much? Does is throw off the colors? Keep in mind, I'm going to quilt it after I get the binding on, it's so small it won't pucker in between.

I started ripping out the binding because I've decided I hate the look of machine sewn binding. (Sorry for those who love it, but the extra time is worth it to me, plus I really like sewing on binding for some reason.) Anyways I started ripping it out because I was about to rip out the blue border as well. Ha, "No Regrets" right? But I stopped myself before I got too far.

I need a second opinion. Help. What should I do with that border?


First Bee Blocks

I just joined my first bee, Sew Bee Joyful, and was super excited to get started. My first package arrived yesterday from France. Again, a first, my first international package I've ever received.

I hurriedly opened my package, which included my fabric, enclosed in this adorable little plastic baggie, and a cute bookmark for Corinne.

I couldn't wait to start my blocks, so I went straight upstairs and pumped them out. I used literally every single bit of fabric except 2-3 strips of fabric that contained lots of pink that I didn't feel fit with the rest of my vibe going on.

Sew Bee Joyful - November - Corinne

Corinne also asked for a siggy block so I used my little bit of leftovers for that block.

Sew Bee Joyful - November - Corinne - Siggy Block

I am very happy with how they turned out, I just hope they go well with the other blocks Corinne receives from all of us. Yay! First Bee Finish!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Troubled Project - Top Finished

So in the former post My Troubled Project I expressed my dislike of the pattern I was using and how I just started cutting into the piecing I had already sewn. To me, anything was better than what I had started with. But I had never just completely abandoned a pattern or plan like that before, especially without completely thinking it throught. Hence, how it falls into Try New Things Thursday, hosted at Happy Quilting.

But now, after crazily cutting everything up and sewing it back together to again in an orderly fashion I am very pleased with what has come out of it.

This is going to be for my best friend's mother in law. Weird connection right? My best friend's fiance knew when he started dating his soon to be wife that I also came along with the package. Token third wheel, basically sisters..yadda yadda. Well it's true and even to the point that even his parents have accepted me into their family as well. They even get me Christmas presents. It's crazy. He's awesome, they're awesome, and I hope this will show his mom how appreciative I am of them allowing me to be part of the family.

Thanks to Happy Quilting and JAQS Studio!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Thanks to Lee at Freshly Pieced for Hosting WIP Wednesday!

So in honor of this weekend's festivities, aka the Houston International Quilt Festival, that of which I am going to...(weeeee!!!) I am showing you what I am making for the special woman accompanying me on my trip this weekend.

My great aunt, "Auntie", is 85 and along with my mother was the one that got me started doing quilts and sewing. Her mother, my great grandmother was the one who passed all the knowledge down throughout the family and with my mother and grandmother both gone, my Auntie and I are the only people left in our family that still sew and we both are very passionate about it.

In honor of our shared hobby my Christmas present to her is a trip to the Houston International Quilt Festival. My mom and I went once when I was about 10 and I absolutely loved it. I am taking my aunt and another one of my fellow guild members, neither of which has ever been. They are in for a TREAT.

My second Christmas gift, maybe birthday gift, at the rate I'm going, is a star sampler quilt that I am designing myself. I found 12 different 12' stars that I really like and am making them with coordinating traditional materials I found on a trip to a LQS. The materials are a little out of my realm but I'm not sure an 85 year old would like the modern fabric I usually work with.

I currently have 3 done and 9 to go. This one will definitely be hand quilted, no doubt. This lady is very special to be and deserves a special quilt. It should turn out to be about queen size. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Owl's

Lynne over at Lily's Quilts hosts a Small Blog Meet to help small bloggers meet other bloggers and to get their stuff out there. I certainly qualify with my whole four followers. Stop by and check her meet out:

Small Blog Meet

I am currently working on a set of embroidered owls. I have no idea what I want to use them for. It is a set of seven from an Aunt Martha's iron on transfer set. I originally was going to make a quilt with them by working with my grandmother, who taught me how to embroidery and have her make a set and I make a set as well, combine them, and make a whole quilt. Sadly my grandmother passed away in March so that plan won't work out too well.

I've been using a set of variegated size 8 perle cottons that I purchased from Joann's for the inner feathers, branches, and leaves. I'm loving the way it is turning out. The only indecision I have is in the color of the eyes. Because there are seven owls and they are all sitting on branches the only distinction between them will probably be the eyes. I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.

Until then, I found this adorable little owl paper toy at My Owl Barn, aka one of my favorite sites in the world because I'm in love with owls. If you enjoy owls, this is the place for you.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back to see what else I've been working on! Also, if you have any ideas for these owls, leave a comment, I'd love to hear your ideas!
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