Sunday, October 30, 2011

My first purse/wallet set

My friend Jean requested that I make her a purse after seeing some of the things I've been turning out. I finished the purse quicker than I thought and had some time left over so I decided to surprise her with a matching wallet.


This is my first wallet. I probably should have used a stronger interfacing but hey, you learn something from trial and error right?

First Wallet

First Wallet - Inside

I hope she likes these, I might just have to make myself one of these..


  1. what a beautiful set,well done

  2. That is really cute, she'll love it! I used to have some of that fabric, I wonder if I still do - I really love it.
    Got your name off the linky, go ahead and re-do it, hon! And if you could send me your email, that would be great - mine is alliehomeschool at yahoo dot com [just put in the right symbols...]

  3. Love what you have made, gorgeous...Regards, O'faigh


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