Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogger Quilt Festival

This is my entry for the BQF. I love this quilt because it was the first one I completed start to finish without months of breaks in between. Since I made this quilt in January of this year I have been sewing continuously without long breaks in between projects.

I have met friends, completed a lot of projects, and have reclaimed my passion for the art form because of this quilt. This quilt is unlike any quilt I have done before or since in that it is put together in strips, one strip at a time to makes the design, requiring lots of planning that I usually don't do.

This one is also hand quilted.

Classic Quilt

I should plan more when I do layouts and designs. I have always admired the rainbow quilts and the warm cool quilts, just because you know what it will look like before you make it. I sort of just go with it and every time I finish a top it's a surprise to me.


Maybe I like it that way...Maybe I should plan one and see if I like it better that way. We will see.


  1. Wonderful choice of colors and a great simple design!
    And hand quilted?? *Love*!!! It's not done often enough in my opinion!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great design and beautiful colors, just lovely.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful!! :o)
    And your stitching is fabulous!

  4. A wonderful quilt! Love your fabric choices too! 8-)

  5. i admire your willingness to improv piece if you will -- i'm such a planner and usually write out all my own patterns before creating a quilt. i love the fact that you hand quilted it - did it take you a long time? I imagine that it did, I dont know if I have the patience for that, despite the fact that I think it gives a quilt such a nice touch (I can barely stand sewing on the binding by hand!) =)

  6. Wonderful! I love that pattern and the colors you chose, especially like the addition of the coral.

  7. oh, i love this quilt! I'm adding this pattern to my "to try" list~

  8. Hi! Your quilt is so beautiful! It's simple but not too simple and you have chosen beautiful colours! x Teje


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